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Minor update for WordPress 2.7 compatibility.

December 13th, 2008 Posted in Updates, UseShots Editor

I know I haven’t updated UseShots Editor since summer. I was pretty busy with my other project Unmask Parasites. But I still use UseShots Editor myself (here is a couple of my latest blog posts created with UseShots Editor: 1, 2.).

A few days ago, when WordPress 2.7 RC2 was released, I discovered that UseShots Editor produced the ” -2: Key [description] not found” error. My first thought was it was a bug introduced in RC2. I even found a suspect change in WP code and reported it in WP support forum.  However when forum members failed to reproduce the error, I double-checked the issue and discovered a bug in my own code.

In versions prior to WordPress 2.7 RC2, they ignored category descriptions in XMLRPC responses for the metaBlogger.getCategories call and always returned the category name in the “description” field. This way the “description” field was never empty. However in RC2, the started to pass actual category description (which may be blank and is usually blank for the “Uncategorized” category) in that field. For some reason in UseShots Editor, I didn’t check whether all fields in the responce are non-empty. It worked for previous versions of WordPress but no longer works for WordPress 2.7.

That’s why I decided to release  an emergency update to make UseShots Editor fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress, which you definitely should upgrade to.

You can download UseShots Editor v0.6.1.63 here.

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