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How to Promote Your Tutorials. Tutorial Directories. (Part 2)

June 2nd, 2008 Posted in Tutorials, UseShots Samples На русском

In the first part of this series I talked about how tutorial directories can help you drive traffic to tutorials on your own site and improve ranking in search engines.

In this part I’ll share my own experience with some of such directories.

Comparison table: Tutorial directories

Screenshot: Comparison table: Tutorial directories

There is a very comprehensive comparison table of about 30 tutorial directories compiled Mike from Blue Sfear. He compares directories in terms of estimated traffic, PageRank, and topics the sites deal with.

Mike speculates that if you submit your (presumably Photoshop) tutorial to each site in the list, you should receive at least 5,000 hits within one week.

Tutorial directories specialization.

Most of tutorial directories have narrow specialization. The most popular specializations are Photoshop and Flash tutorials (no wonder, check Google’s Keyword Tool - they are among leaders in terms of search traffic), followed by other web development topics like HTML, PHP programming, Dreamweaver, etc. It looks like many directory owners know only about those tools they used to build their own sites ;-)

Anyway, I’m neither designer nor PHP programmer and I don’t have any Photoshop tutorials. Nonetheless, I wanted to test drive tutorial sites, so I had to limit my review to those directories that accepted my "Getting Started with UseShots Editor" tutorial. Thanks god, there still are some directories interested in pretty wide range of topics.

I submitted my tutorial to categories like "WordPress", "Blogging", "Windows/Misc".

Here we go.

The Tutorials

Screenshot: The Tutorials

Submit link:
Must register: Yes
Published: in two weeks (once submitted it is available in the pending area)
Topics: Wide range (from graphics to business applications)
Links: redirected to the tutorial page,

Visits to my site: 14
Alexa Rank: 1,231,643

Other info: There are 1919 tutorials indexed (as of May 30, 2008)


Submit link:
Must register: No
Topics: Graphics, Web Development, Unix, Windows
Published: Same day
Links: Direct link to the tutorial page, direct link to site

Visits to my site: 6
Compete: 8,160 visits/month
Alexa traffic rank: 96,019

Several minor tutorial sites use the Tutorial Garden’s database. So your tutorial will automatically appear on GYSU, Tut2, TutoralSpeed and maybe some other sites, which I’m not aware of. These sites will also get you direct links.
Tutorials Garden also has a rather popular RSS feed.

Site own stats (as of May 30, 2008)
Total tutorials: 2,254
Total views: 465,946
Category with most tutorials: Photoshop (1,612 Tutorials)
Category with most views: Photoshop (331,302 Views)


Screenshot: TipClique

Submit link:
Must register: Yes
Topics: WordPress, Graphics, WebDev
Published: instantly
Links: Nofollow link to the tutorial page

Visits to my site: 7
Alexa Rank: 135,223
Compete: 4,821 visits/month


Submit link:
Must register: Yes
Topics: PHP, CMS, WordPress
Links: Redirected in frame, direct link to site
Published: Next day

Visits to my site: 9
Alexa Rank: 440,037
Compete: 877 visits/month

Tutorials Expert

Screenshot: Tutorials Expert

Submit link:
Must register: Yes
Topics: Graphics, WebDev, Video, Audio, OS, Programming, Business
Published: next day

Visits to my site: 4
Alexa Rank: 123,047
Compete: 3,101 visits/month
Links: Redirected in frame, nofollow to site
Comments: Fake view stats

Site own stats (as of May 30, 2008):
Categories 76
Subcategories 889
Tutorials 17,365


40 visits from tutorial directories during one month. These 5 sites will definitely not make you rich ;-)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t test high traffic sites like Tutorialized (my tutorial is still pending and they don’t care to approve or decline it) or Good-Tutorials (I don’t have a tutorial that would fit their categories ). I guess if I had a Photoshop tutorial, my results would be much better.

Any way, the numbers add up, and it you regularly release new tutorials and submit them to tutorial directories, you may have pretty steady traffic and get a lot of inbound link.

Did you use tutorial directories? Success stories, anyone?

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  1. 9 Responses to “How to Promote Your Tutorials. Tutorial Directories. (Part 2)”

  2. By Jeff Finley on 2008-07-10

    I use these sites all the time to promote my tutorials. I’ve had great results. Although, my mainstays are always Pixel2Life and Good-Tutorials. Thanks for the list though!

  3. By Denis on 2008-07-10


    My tutorial didn’t fit those site, so I couldn’t test them. However, after a month of a pending period my tutorial was accepted on Tutorialized. In less than a month they sent me more than 60 visitors. It’s more than the combined traffic from all the directories, reviewed in the above post.

  4. By E-learning Tutor on 2008-09-24

    Thanks for sharing the Links. Your Blog alrdeady Bookmarked

  5. By E-learning Tutor on 2008-09-24

    First of all congratulation for such a great site. I learned a lot reading article here today. I will make sure i visit this site once a day so i can learn more.

  6. By Gabriel on 2008-09-25

    Thanks for this useful article. I’ve already bookmarked your blog.

  7. By Altaf Rahman on 2009-05-01

    I am starting a new tutorial site but no idea. Thank u for ur idea.

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