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UseShots Editor is on the home page of

March 14th, 2008 Posted in UseShots Editor, UseShots Samples На русском


Yesterday, UseShots Editor had been published on BetaNews. Today I discovered that people come to my blog from and (major Dutch and Belgian software portals in the CNet Networks).

I was intrigued and decided to find out what they had written about UseShots. I opened, typed “useshots” in their search box and almost the hit the Enter button. At that moment I noticed that “Download Tip” area next to the search box.

2. Download Tip

Download Tip

The caption was “UseShots Editor beta” and the thumbnail depictied a part of the UseShots Camera.

That was cool!
I expected to find some page with a short description and a download link buried deep in the site. It was a big surprise to find UseShots as a featured download at the top of the home page. Moreover, that Download Tip section was at the top of every’s page.

I understand it’s only for one day or, maybe, even one hour, but anyway thanks ZDNet!

3. The article.

The article.

I wish I knew Dutch. This is the first article about UseShots Editor since its release two weeks ago and I can hardly understand a couple of words (like UseShots and Wordpress ;-)).

It’s a three paragraphs long article with two screen shots written by Pieterjan Van Leemputten. I didn’t take a screen shot of the whole article to avoid copyright infringement (I hope this header can be considered as fair use).

It is very encouraging to see that people download the early beta of my new software and find it worthwhile to write an article about it and even make it a featured download on such a well known site. Thank you Pieterjan!

Meanwhile, I’m working on new features and expect to have an update next week. Please, don’t forget about feedback.

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  1. 2 Responses to “UseShots Editor is on the home page of”

  2. By Pieterjan ( on 2008-05-10

    I’m glad you liked my article, I liked your program too. It was really handy as a photoshop-alternative for copy-pasting printscreens.

    I took the liberty of translating the text for you. Usually I don’t write in English so it may sound a bit strange.



    UseShots Editor
    Getting screenshots quickly on your Wordpress-blog

    Ever since the rise of the blogs it’s a piece of cake to post your literary talent on the web. Adding images is an option of course, but putting a screenshot online could be more tricky. With UseShots Editor you can capture your screen in just a few clicks and some minutes later you can post it on your Wordpress-blog.

    This program is only available in English, but it’s pretty easy to use. You’ve just got to add the login-data of your blog and set a standard size. After that you’re ready to throw your screen on the web. You can also save your screenshots on your computer by saving them with the right mouse button right before you’re supposed to publish them.

    The difference with other screenshot-programs is that UseShots Editor makes full blogposts. It’s possible to provide a header and further comment. The shots aren’t even tied to the total screen size. With the virtual frame that captures the image you can narrow or enlarge the range as you wish.

    PS: As for your fear of copyright infringement, I don’t think a screenshot of our site is gonna get you sued . As long as there’s a link to the source we’re happy ;-)

  3. By Denis on 2008-05-10


    Thanks for the translation. Very nice and to the point article. And it is very special to me since it was the first article about UseShots Editor.

    I noticed that you still have version on ZDNet sites. Is it possible to update it to the latest version (currently 0.4.1)?


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